Job Posting: MI Department of Civil Rights Vacancies

The Department of Civil Rights has posted five Civil Rights Representative 9, 10, P11vacancies.  Four of the positions are located in Detroit and one position is located in Lansing.

The employee is responsible for investigation and/or resolution of complaints of unlawful discrimination in employment, education, housing, public accommodation and other jurisdictional areas.  Employees are responsible for conducting fact finding conferences, on site reviews, interviewing witnesses, investigative report writing and recording data in a departmental data base.   Employees may assist in providing training and outreach services to public and private organizations to provide information about Civil Rights laws and legislation, methodologies that promote non-discrimination, and to provide leadership and expertise to resolve real or to avoid potential discriminatory actions.  Confidentiality and integrity are essential to this position.

The positions are open to all qualified applicants. For more information you can view the postings at the following links: Civil Rights Representative – Detroit Office andCivil Rights Representative – Lansing Office