Job Posting: State Administrative Manager 15

This position is the State Monitor Advocate (SMA) for services to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFW), oversees the Foreign Labor Certification (FLC) application process for both agricultural and nonagricultural workers, and manages the Employment Service (ES) Complaint System. The position guides and directs the activities of the Section; provides input to Agency leadership on policies, procedures, guidelines, processes, and systems based on the Agency’s mission; and travels throughout the state to attend meetings and other functions at Michigan Works! Agencies (MWA), One-Stop Service Centers, and other locations. Duties also include supervision of staff, drafting and finalizing long-term strategic initiatives for key talent data and performance needs and represents the Agency at meetings with internal and external

The position requires the ability to read, write and communicate effectively in Spanish and English.

Out of state travel necessary to attend meetings and conferences.  Routine and frequent travel throughout the state.  Flexible working hours may occasionally be required in order to carry out performance goals and objectives.
Possession of a bachelor’s degree in any major.

Four years of professional experience, including two years equivalent to the experienced (P11) level or one year equivalent to the advanced (12) level.

Must meet the following criteria:  Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing Spanish.

Salary for this position is entirely federally funded.  Under federal law an employee whose salary is entirely federally funded may not be a candidate for public office in a partisan election.

Please attach a cover letter, detailed resume, and your official college transcript(s) to your application. For our purposes, “official college transcripts” must contain the college/university name and address, the degree conferred and date granted, coursework completed (especially if no degree granted), and the Registrar’s signature and/or seal. A scanned or electronic copy is acceptable, as long as it contains the elements listed above. The college/university does not have to send the transcript directly to TED.  For more information regarding official transcripts, click here (Download PDF reader) (Download PDF reader).

Applicants who possess a degree from a foreign college or university must have their academic credentials evaluated or converted into U.S. educational equivalents unless the degree has been recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).  Go to evaluators for a list of accepted organizations that evaluate foreign credentials.  Failure to provide this evaluation at the time of application may result in you being screened out of the process.

Information provided in your application, resume, cover letter, transcripts, and any other documentation provided will be used to verify responses to the supplemental questions.  Unsupported responses may not be considered further.

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