Volunteer Opportunity: Christ The King Service Corps

Are you a graduating student or alumni looking for a unique service experience? Are they looking for a true challenge and a strong faith community to support them?

Christ the King Service Corps, a faith-based community of full-time volunteers in Northwest Detroit, is looking for candidates to begin in August 2019.

Our parish-run program puts a unique spin on post-graduate service. Our volunteers form a community with Christ the King Parish and the surrounding neighborhood. We provide them with a profound spiritual and professional experience and give the personal touch and support that can only come from a small program.

We are seeking several certified teachers for Christ the King Catholic School in grades 5-8, community organizers, and individuals to perform community outreach for programs that support the homeless and elderly.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit for anyone you know, they can learn more and apply at ckscdetroit.org.